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Stage 1


Students will:

  • read quality literature and learn about narrative elements including character, setting and story structure
  • explore the role characters play in texts and begin investigating figurative languag
  • engage in daily writing sessions based on the mentor text the class is focused on for the week
  • engage in phonics, spelling, reading fluency, reading comprehension and grammar lessons


Students will: 

  • participate in activities including hands-on games, written work, mental strategies and group activities
  • participate in 'Number Talks' to develop mental maths strategies and methods of communicating mathematical thinking and reasoning
  • engage in learning of place value, number bonds, additive strategies, patterns, 2D shapes, measurement and data


Students will: 

  • investigate the past and learn about the terms that describe the passage of time
  • look at dates and times that are significant to them
  • learn a range of historical skills including examining historical sources, inferring details from historical photographs, looking at primary and secondary sources and discussing different perspectives


Students will:

  • learn about the diversity of animal life through observing the features and behaviour of small animals
  • explore small animals leading to a better understanding of how their adaptations help them survive in their habitats
  • learn how animals move, feed and protect themselves


Students will:

  • participate in weekly fitness/sport lessons plus daily short fitness breaks such as dancing and skipping
  • learn how to keep healthy

Creative and Performing Arts

Students will:

  • engage in a range of performance, listening and composition activities based around several themes: Chinese Lunar New Year, percussion instruments, and Torres Strait Islander music and dance


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