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Stage 3


Students will:

  • explore the text ‘The Wild Robot’ by Peter Brown
  • explore the concept of ‘narrative’ and the supporting concept of ‘characterisation’ through a deep analysis of the text
  • develop a deeper understanding of how patterns in narratives set up expectations and notice when those patterns are subverted
  • explore narrative conventions and characterisation, then apply this knowledge when creating their own science-fiction narratives



Students will:

  • name, rename, represent and order numbers up to millions
  • compare, order and represent decimals
  • explore the link between multiplicative thinking and place value
  • explore the connection between additive relations and place value
  • recognise and explain the connection between addition and subtraction
  • select and explain efficient flexible strategies when solving additive problems.
  • measure and compare lengths of objects using millimetres, centimetres, metres and kilometres
  • measure, create and compare perimeters of two-dimensional shapes
  • represent and read analog, digital, 12-hour and 24-hour time
  • understand how fractions can be compared and ordered in different ways
  • explore what happens when a fraction exceeds a whole
  • find missing fractions of one whole

Georgraphy and Science

Students will:

  • examine different actions that impact our environment and how the environment impacts where we live (climate, topography, natural disasters).
  • examine different sources of electricity in our homes
  • examine sustainable sources of energy and how these work
  • create a sustainable home which minimises human impact on the environment including waste management, sustainable farming, water usage and sources of electricity

Creative and Performing Arts

Students will:

  • examine collage in ‘Where the Forest Meets the Sea’ and create their own collages of their favorite natural environment using recycled materials
  • examine some of the artworks in the Bondi exhibit 'Sculptures by the Sea' before creating their own waste to art creation
  • examine an endangered species of their choice in its natural environment


Students will:

  • engag in performance, listening and composition activities based around the theme of Chinese Lunar New Year
  • explore a range of music from Africa, learning to play the arrangement ‘Jensa’ on the djembe and other African ensemble instrument
  • learn to sing a Kenyan greeting song and cooperate to create their own arrangement by adding percussion instruments


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