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Stage 2


Students will:

  • gain greater understanding of the textual concepts of narrative and characterisation through the study of the text Fantastic Mr Fox
  • plan, draft and revise a narrative sequel to Fantastic Mr Fox using an orientation, complication, and resolution structure 
  • participate in explicit learning about declarative sentences, adverbial phrases and coordinating conjunctions
  • develop knowledge of phonemes and graphemes, particularly the different vowel phonemes


Students will: 

  • read, represent, order, partition and regroup whole numbers
  • solve addition and subtraction problems using a variety of ways, showing flexibility and with their strategies. This builds on their ‘representing numbers’ skills
  • multiply numbers and generate multiplicative patterns
  • measure and compare the lengths of objects using scaled instruments
  • create fractional parts of a length as well as model and represent unit fractions on a number line
  • collect, organise , display and interpret data for a survey using tables and graphs
  • participate in maths groups three times per week


Students will:

  • learn about the location, names and shapes of the continents of the world and the location of Australia on the globe
  • describe Australia's location on the globe using appropriate geographical terminology and label Australia, the continents and some major countries on a world map
  • learn the location, names and capital cities of Australia's state and territories and locate these on a map
  • use maps and satellite images to develop an understanding of the various landscapes and landforms of Australia, such as deserts, rivers, lakes and mountain ranges
  • learn about some of the unique natural features of Australia, including significant landforms, World Heritage Places and other major heritage and cultural sites, including Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and Arnhem Land



Students will:

  • build their understanding of forces and simple machines
  • learn to use new technologies, apply design thinking to solve problems, generate ideas, and refine designs
  • participate in collaborative hands-on activities to build group-work skills and confidence to make bold choices, think divergently, and understand that not everything works the first time



Students will:

  • learn about resilience - what it is, what helps build resilience and what strategies can be used to respond to challenging situations
  • learn the skills and rules of netball

Creative and Performing Arts

Students will: 

  • make and appreciate artworks related to portraiture through a study of the Archibald Prize
  • learn about the criteria for the annual Archibald Prize and examine the features of entries and winners from various years
  • create various portraits by combining drawing, painting, collage and/or printing
  • write an artwork description for their own artwork which includes information about the subject, inspiration and the elements included in the final artwork


Students will:

  • engage in performance, listening and composition activities based around the theme of Chinese Lunar New Year.
  • explore a range of music from Africa, learning the song ‘Griot’ on the djembe and other African ensemble instruments
  • learn to sing a Kenyan greeting song and cooperate to create their own arrangement by adding percussion instruments


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