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Early Stage 1


Students will:

  • begin to learn oral language and communication, phonological awareness, phonics instruction, handwriting and how to respond to literature. 
  • Develop their understanding of the alphabetic code, high frequency words and print conventions in preparation for understanding and creating texts through a variety of games, songs and multi-sensory activities.


Students will: 

  • participate in structured, daily numeracy lessons including small group activities, song and games which are used to explore and connect mathematical concepts to student’s real world understanding. 
  • learn the fundamentals in choosing and applying mathematical techniques to solve problems. 
  • communicate their mathematical thinking. 
  • begin to learn how to represent whole numbers and combine and separate quantities (to model early addition and subtraction).


Students will: 

  • explore the concept of family
  • begin to build their historical skills by identifying different members of a family and how they are connected.
  • explore their personal histories by identifying the people in their immediate family and investigating the country of origin of their family


Students will:

  • investigate the physical characteristics of objects and how this affects how they move
  • investigate how push and pull forces create movement and be introduced to the concepts of force and motion


Students will:

  • learn how to stay safe at school, healthy foods and hygiene practices
  • explore friendships and what makes a good friend.
  • participate in Friday Dance lessons
  • develop an understanding of movement concepts and the features of composition as they engage in a variety of planned and improvised movement experiences

Creative and Performing Arts

Students will:

  • sing, play, listen, and move to a range of music
  • delve deeper into simple songs and rhymes, building their musicality, by exploring and applying concepts such as dynamics (soft and loud)
  • cooperate with one another and make links to crucial literacy and numeracy concepts


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